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Our Story

Krusieder was born out of a need to do digital differently. Recognizing that conventional approaches to digital product development were not meeting the needs of businesses, Founder and CEO Michael Greenberg set out to build a new kind of digital consultancy that prioritised collaboration and innovation. Today, Krusieder continues to challenge the status quo and drive digital transformation for businesses around the world.

Fast forward to now, and the company has built deep and lasting relationships with a large number of major international brands - all based on its reputation for providing high-quality, highly-motivated, technologists who deliver fresh, forward-thinking solutions.

We can help you reimagine your business through a digital lens. Our software engineering heritage combined with our strategic business and innovation consulting, design thinking, and first principle based approach provide real business value to our customers through human-centric innovation.​

We’ve done this for over a decade with some of the world’s fastest-growing and most recognisable brands each relying on us to drive their digital ambitions from idea to implementation, and beyond.

Our expert teams, located across the UK, offer comprehensive support throughout your digital project journey. From research and design to engineering and agile product management, we provide the expertise, processes, and people you need to deliver high-quality digital projects that drive business growth and sustainability. Count on us to be your trusted partner in achieving your digital ambitions.

Its award-winning work spans all industry sectors, including fintech, entertainment, and hospitality.

Meet The Leadership Team

Our mission, vision and purpose

Innovation has the potential to create a better world for all, and we firmly believe in its power to do so. We strongly believe that by investing in innovation, we can create a world that is more prosperous, sustainable, and equitable.

The foundation of Kruseider's actions, methodologies, and intentions is our purpose, which acts as a beacon, guiding our path in what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. We take immense pride in partnering with clients who drive innovative and groundbreaking projects that positively impact people's lives.

Our values

We are committed to three fundamental values: entrepreneurship, excellence and empathy. They constitute the foundation of our professional work as consultants, our interaction with our clients, business partners and communities, and define our entire corporate culture.


We have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and what it takes to succeed in today's fast-paced business environment. Our approach involves being open to unconventional ideas, taking calculated risks, and forging new paths, while also being accountable for our actions. We foster a culture of responsibility by empowering our employees to make sound business decisions early on in their careers. Our team is committed to developing innovative and sustainable solutions that enable our clients to be game-changers in their industry and make a positive impact on society.


We strive to deliver exceptional results and establish global best practices to ensure both measurable and sustainable success. Our objective is to attain excellence in all aspects of our work with clients, in our knowledge development, and in our internal and external interactions. To achieve this, we continually challenge ourselves and welcome brilliant minds that employ sound analyses and fact-based approaches. We believe that investing in the development of our employees is critical to delivering outstanding results for our clients and fostering enduring relationships with them. We place great value on open discussion and debate during decision-making to arrive at the best possible outcome.


We place ourselves in your position to be able to act as insightful, respectful and responsible advisors. Kruseider employees offer a unique combination of intellectual and emotional competence to meet our clients' aims and needs. We act as partners alongside our clients and focus on understanding the real problem, offering peer-to-peer advice and tailored approaches. Our firm is committed to tolerance and respect. We value diversity as a strength within our own company and know how to thrive on diversity in our clients' environment. Appreciating other's perspectives and feedback, we take all stakeholders into careful consideration and respond with integrity to the trust our clients place in us.

Our Locations

Our team of 300+ digital experts are located right across the major innovation hubs of the world. We partner with businesses to transform their operations through the latest digital technologies, data analytics, and innovative ideas, helping you stay ahead of the competition.

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