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Metaverse Continuum: How we help our clients

Building upon experienced initiatives in metaverse-related technology, we bring a community of our metaverse-skilled professionals and market-leading capabilities from across Kruseider into one group dedicated to designing, executing and accelerating our clients’ metaverse journeys. We offer a spectrum of services across the entire Metaverse Continuum:

Learn & Shape: We help clients ascend a complex learning curve and set a bold vision to generate value in the short and long term. We work with clients to immerse and educate through our Metaverse Continuum studios, explore industry and functional use cases and design a responsible metaverse approach.

Set Strategy: Through application of creativity, technology and deep industry experience, we work with clients to prioritise opportunities and set strategies that drive business transformation. Our strategy services span a continuum of business strategy needs, including marketing and brand; customer experience; digital identity; digital products and services; digital commerce including NFT/tokens; future of work; technology and operating model strategies.

Build & Operate: We design, build and operate metaverse capabilities for our clients, including world-building and engagement, content management, marketplace development, blockchain, 3D commerce, extended reality, digital twins, trust and safety and ecosystem and community development.

Reach out to our business development team to find out how experts can help integrate your brand and form deeper connections with customers.


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